Guy Gee is a London-based sculptor who explores the merging boundaries between design and contemporary art.

A short spell at art school sowed the seeds; fuelling Gee’s interest in furniture and interior design as well as sparking a curiosity in the visual and tangible point where high art meets "low". It is the exploration of this crossover within contemporary art that appears as a principle theme throughout his work.

Fredrikson Stallard, Verner Panton and Gavin Turk are all influential in Gee’s work, often where an illusionistic, humorous approach has been taken.

Gee’s inspiration for ‘The Article’ comes from a chance encounter between his aunt and the fashion photographer David Bailey in 1968, which resulted in her landing the front cover of Vogue aged just sixteen. Fifty years on Gee wanted to find a way to immortalise the old magazine, insuring the display of the cover was both unique and relevant.

There has always been a curious association between the magazine and the coffee table, and so for this reason he decided that the latter was the perfect object to embody this timeless relationship.

For ‘The Article’ project Gee has focused primarily on working with eye-catching magazine covers from bygone eras, varying from dated British punk publications to 1930’s Japanese pornography. He recreates and reimagines them into his own larger-than-life versions before they’re transformed into the sleek ‘Article’ coffee tables.

The metal tables give a permanence to the often deteriorating covers he uses. Over time the printed leather tabletops will playfully mimic the characterful signs of age of these magazines.

In the wake of the internet, the printed magazine faces an uncertain future: this design, perhaps, is Gee’s own inspired tribute to the glorious paperback.

Research for the Article project was in part carried out at The Hyman Archive, the world’s largest private collection of magazines. Special thanks are owed to James Hyman for his time and unquestionable knowledge.